Writer and wise woman

I am a driven bilingual author, blogger, dream creator, earth warrior writer and roots healer (not necessarily in that order). In normal people language: I am a writer, storyteller, (life) artist and coach. I wholeheartedly inspire and instigate. I was born over forty years ago in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but since then I have experienced a lot of countries from the inside out. Most of them were English-speaking countries. I am a widely educated person, ferocious when it comes to expanding my horizons. Blessed with an imagination without boundaries, I love to wander along unknown paths.

Wholehearted and fair

I follow my intuition and that has taken me to many places. I studied Language and Literature, Medical Basic Training, Orthomolecular Medicine, cPNI, art therapy, permaculture design, got my full teacher’s qualification, learned how to medicate, play music, draw and paint, listen to animals and the earth and much, much more. When determining in which direction I should head, I always ask myself two important questions: will I do this with all my heart, and will it help to create a fairer world?

They might seem random, my passions and knowledge, but they aren’t. You can read more about what drives me over here

Words, words and more words… and everything that is left unspoken

Emma Storris stories are magicalBack to the red thread on this site: words, both written and spoken. I love language and know how to use it, but at the same realise it has its limits. Obviously, language is crucial when trying to confer a message. The most essential of messages can get muddled by using the wrong words, especially when its content is hard to grasp by means of intellect alone. I use my way with words to translate instinct and intuition into information that is useful to others. It is also the very reason I started writing fiction. Fiction speaks to your imagination and thus to your subconscious. As a result, it can transfer more than the sum of its sentences.

I am a versatile writer, who, as said, refuses to stick to one particular genre, and I always enjoy cross-pollination with other forms of art. Despite all those different genres, there are common denominators to be found in my work. Of course, one is the primary driver, which I referred to earlier, but nature and magic usually make an appearance as well. One cannot deny one’s magical view of life, I guess. Through time, a lot of my work has been published, but my first whole book wasn’t published until 2016.

Typically, I work on several things at the same time. For example, while writing this page, I am translating the Herbal Grimoire and writing two books, each in a different genre. That keeps me quite busy, because I also like to work outside or make long trips on foot. I always make sure it stays nice and busy, because I don’t do too busy.

Blogs, columns, and articles

Emma Storris author, at work writingApart from all these fictional projects I also write non-fiction texts, blogs, and columns on many different subjects, which have one thing in common, to wit that I care about them. Many of them are written just because I think they should to be, but I also write in commission.

And last but not least, I regularly combine my skills and experience to inform other people. I do this by lecturing, teaching masterclasses and workshops and by offering retreats for small groups and individuals. For those of you who want information on my speeches, masterclasses, workshops and retreats, please get in touch.

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