Every serious author needs editing and proof reading
every serious writer nems proof reading and editing

Every professional writer needs an editor. As a published writer I know very well how important editing and proofreading is. Not only a book, but also a short story or magazine article can’t do without someone who looks over the author’s shoulder. After having focussed on a text for such a long time, you will overlook things, whether linguistically or substantively. No writer writes flawlessly.

Your work to a higher level

I am an experienced editor and proofreader. Whether it is a missing comma or a hole in your plot, I will get it out for you. I will walk that extra mile and will lift your work to a higher level wherever I see fit. Always keeping an eye out for your personal style and genre I will help your article, essay, story or book become the work of art it can be.

A fresh approach from your perspective

When you approach me, I assume that you are looking for someone who will have a fresh approach to your work, will look at your work from an angle you hadn’t thought of yourself and at the same time will honour your unique style and tone. Try me. I love unbeaten paths and am not afraid to go where no one has gone before. On the contrary...

For both publishers and individual writers

I work for both publishing houses and writers. We will discuss upfront what you expect me to do and from which perspective you expect me to look at your work, linguistically, grammatically, substantively, etcetera. I will put on the glasses you need for your project.

Does this appeal to you? I’m ready and waiting!

As an author for a large publishing house, I regularly make use of Emma’s qualities as a proofreader. She takes a critical look at my work with respect to content and linguistics. As a result, my work improves considerably without it losing the atmosphere and style that is inherent to me as a writer.Emma’s contributions as a sparring partner in the process of getting the plot and synopsis right are invaluable as well. She takes the time it needs and engages with me actively to get to the core of my story. In short, I will definitely make use of her services again with any future book!

Tisa Pescar, author at publishing house Luitingh-Sijthoff

I got to know Emma as a great person to work with. She knows how to present you with new insights and is not afraid to go against the stream. She is well aware of social developments and themes and has a sharp and stimulating vision. In my role as editor-in-chief of DURF! I have worked with Emma on two fronts: Emma has coached (starting) editors in writing stimulating articles and Emma regularly writes articles for DURF!. These articles are invariably very well put together, whereby she is able to articulate her vision and opinions in clear language. Emma knows how to translate a more abstract theme into an inviting and pleasant to read article. This makes the reader think and provides a good dose of new insights. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Emma!

Sander Roovers, editor in chief at DURF! magazine



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