Gran spreads her wings – Free E-booklet!

Written by Emma Storris

gran spreads het wings

I like presents! Not only to get, but also to give… Today I’ve got a present for all those children who like a good story. It is about Bing and Bibi’s granny. Her name is Granny Thea and she is quite an extraordinary grandma. And that is putting it mildly. Is your grandma always calm, sensible and predictable? Well, not this gran. She is always up to stuff that makes her family sigh deeply. Like she did a while back. Bing and Bibi found their grandma on top of her wardrobe that day. What she was doing there? Read this story and you’ll know!

Via this link (click here please) you will go to a page where you can download a pfd file. Most browsers will do this automatically, so check your download folder if nothing seems to happen. This pdf you can print, but also read on a tablet of e-reader. If you want to fantastisize in this story, printing is the way to go. You tablet or e-reader won’t be happy if you paint or draw on it…

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