Not everyone is capable of writing good content
not everyone can write good content

A fetching website, a telling magazine, it largely hinges on whether or not you use good text and content. Every type of medium has its own requirements. An article for a lifestyle magazine should be very different from content for a website that most of all has to be easy to find. A professional text demands a professional writer. When you hire me to write your texts for you, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your content.

Writing is more than spelling and grammar

Writing, especially for an audience, is a real craft. In our fast moving world you only have seconds to capture your reader. Just getting the grammar and spelling right won’t grab your audience’s attention. It takes a knack for the unusual combined with a flawless sense of the target language.

I combine these talents. I am a linguist with an MA in language and literature and write commissioned copy in English and Dutch. I skilfully weave words into texts and books in both languages.

A world of different subjects

I write articles and blogs in commission. The subject doesn’t matter. I can work any topic into catchy content. So far I have for instance written texts in the categories biology, health and medicine, lifestyle, food, art, media, education, general business, general and fiction (not necessarily in order of preference or importance). Please do not hesitate to contact me for copy with a different subject matter. I love to delve into something new.

Ghostwriter and commercial writer

Do you have a story hidden inside you? I can help you write that story by coaching you through the process. Do you feel unable to write this story or do you just not want to? I also work as a ghost writer. Furthermore, I have tonnes of experience as a commercial writer and wrote content for websites and promotional texts for varying sectors and target audiences.

Content in both English and Dutch

I mentioned it before, I have an MA in English language and literature. During my education at Leiden University translation and interpretation from English to Dutch and Dutch to English were covered thoroughly as well. I am a natural born translator. I work fast and efficiently, without losing out the tone and style of the original text. Happen to need content in both English and Dutch? You are in the right place.

Fun fact: I also write short stories and books. You can find more information about my fictional work on this websiteWhen I needed a new website in both Dutch and English for my African music weekend, I hired Emma. She managed to turn my rough copy into understandable and attractive texts and translate them perfectly. Then she designed and made this website that captures perfectly what Tuka Tuka is. And she worked fast as well! I regularly receive compliments from my visitors on the quality of my website.

P.D. Verbaan, Tuka-Tuka

Emma wrote two articles for my website. The first was a personal story and was soon followed by a second article. It is just wonderful to have a guest blogger who writes articles that I can put on my site without editing. What a relief! More will follow if you ask me.

Marjolein Dubbers, Energieke Vrouwen Academie



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