The Story of Roundy Fatmouse – Prologue

Written by Emma Storris

the story of roundy fatmouse, prologue

Roundy’s godmother Maria and I have touched upon how great it would be if Roundy’s extraordinary story would end up in a real book. And who knows, it could easily happen!

Last Saturday I met a little mouse on the streets of Tralee. He was there with his godmother Maria. Maria was basically looking for the right person to send him into the world with. According to her he had this important task having to do with saving the world or something like that.
When Maria heard that my family and I were going to be travelling a lot in the near future and that I was a writer, she figured we would be an excellent match and she proposed that I would take this little mouse with me. My son, who was with me at the time and was already quite smitten with the charming blue fellow, completely agreed.

With me being outvoted significantly in this matter, there was only one possible choice. The mouse was coming home with us.

Being with Roundy Fatmouse, as he told us his name was, proved to be quite adventurous. Before the night was over, we had already played in a Samba band in front of thousands of people. Life sure wasn’t going to be boring with him around, it seemed.
As we drove home that night, he asked me to write down his life story and spread the word as widely across the world as possible. He was convinced that he would be able to fulfil his life purpose that way. I looked deeply into his beady eyes and said I would do just that.

So, here we are, here I am. About to start writing the memoires of Roundy Fatmouse. Starting with what has happened so far and then recording all the adventures he is convinced he will be having. I feel very privileged to have been chosen for this task and look forward to what the future with Roundy will bring.

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