Why I do what I do

As you can tell, I do a large variety of things. The sort of texts and the subjects about which I write, the sort of stuff I make, are never the same… or so it seems. But that’s not quite the case. There is a common thread to all my work: I always question everything. In all I do I try to stick to my inner compass and my inherent wisdom as much as possible. I use my common sense and steer through life on my own compass. As a result, my way of life does not always coincide with what society dictates at the way of life.

Out with these thinking patterns!

I don’t think that is strange at all, because a lot of the things we humans do or belief aren’t all that logical. They are often based on stories we’ve been telling ourselves for centuries, but don’t ring true. Explanations that were once devised by one person to make sense of that awesome, but pretty intricate, thing we call life, became laws for the many. As a result many people adhere to rules that do not work for them and are prevent them from enjoying life. I am fighting that actively.

I do not like sacred cows and dogma makes me feel itchy. That is why there’s always impossible stuff happening in my fiction and why, in my non-fiction, I question matters which many people consider the only way to go. My goal in all my work is to tease my audience into looking at everything from a beginner’s mind, without prejudices like that is not possible or that is not allowed.

Are you sure that is the case?

A lot of things happen in this world – or we let them happen – because that is just the way things are. Nonsense! Almost nothing is just the way it is. It is a good thing to keep asking yourself why something is the way it is. Whether it is the way we would want it, the way we think it should be. If there is only one person who starts doubting the status quo after reading my work and starts looking at the world from a different angle, I am happy! That’s my mission: make people think, make people feel, make people dream and maybe even make people act…

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