Even though you have worked really hard to create a book and you know that were really pleased with it the moment that you sent it into the world, it is always great to hear that others agree. Especially when those others are highly rated in the literary world. You can therefore imagine that I was on cloud nine when I read the review in the Netherlands – the one that NBD Biblion publishes – and the reviewer turned out to be raving enthousiastic about the book. Below you can find the translation:

Bing and Bibi meet the giant Grieg. He is very sad, because of all the disappearing forests, which leaves him with nowhere to live. All this is caused by Kliko, the garbage monster, who gets people to cut down trees and leave garbage and plastic everywhere. Bing and Bibi decide to go and look for Kliko and stop him. An exciting adventure book, full of fantasy and playfulness. The layout of the book is very original with many empty pages on which the reader can finish the story using the pencil that comes with the book. Hardly a static story, it gives plenty of room for the reader’s own imagination. The story makes readers think about the pollution, deforestation and their consequences in an accessible way. The many impossible occurrences create a special atmosphere. The plot is surprising and humoristic. Abstract illustrations in bright colours in which letters and punctuation marks are used. Book with an original make up: the cover is partly upside down, for instance. A real challenge for curious readers. From around 9 years upwards.

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